Q: I just signed up for a new subscription. Now what? 
A: Your first subscription box will ship within a few days of signing up. After the first shipment, all future orders will be processed between the 15th and 17th of the month, and we will ship all subscription orders during the last week of every month. 

Q: Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want? 
A: You can cancel a subscription anytime.

Q: I signed up for a subscription but I am unable to log in. What do I do?
A: Most likely, you checked out as guest and never registered the account. If that is the case then you can still register the account here

Q: I need to change my shipping address but I am not sure how to do so. What do I do?
A: Simply log in to your account and, from the dashboard, click “Manage Subscriptions”> “Address and Shipping Information”> Click “Edit” under shipping address 

Q: I purchased a 6/12 month prepaid subscription, will it expire after the final order is sent?
A: At this time, all subscriptions renew automatically after the cycle is completed. If you are on a monthly subscription, you will be charge every month. If you are on a 6 month plan, you will be charged every 6 months

Q: I just purchased a tackle crate, will I get one every month?
A: Tackle Crates are one-time purchases, and are not subscription products like our monthly tackle boxes

Q: I am currently subscribed to the First Mate’s box but I want to upgrade to the Captain’s box, is this possible?
A: Absolutely! Simply reach out to our staff who can be reached at crew@badfishsupply.com and we will be happy to take care of that for you!

Q: Can I skip a monthly order?
A: You sure can! When logged in, you can skip a month under the Manage Subscriptions tab 

Q: My order never arrived, what do I do now?
A: There are a lot of possible reasons why this may have happened so please contact customer support as soon as possible! Sometimes we do not realize that there is an issue until it is brought to our attention.

Q: Is your website secure?
A: Yes, we maintain the highest level of security and store no credit card information on our servers. We use Stripe and Authorize to handle all credit card processing. Members of our team are also unable to view credit card information beyond the last 4 digits and the expiration date

Q: I am not seeing the answer to my question on this page/ I still can’t figure out a solution to my question/issue, what do I do?
A: Our team is happy to assist you with whatever question or issue you may have, simply email us at crew@badfishsupply.com and we will help you resolve the issue as soon as humanly possible!