Yo! Welcome to Badfish - it's great to have you aboard. 

We started Badfish back in 2012, born from a love of aquatic adventure and chasing after hard fighting fish. We’ve changed a bit over the years, but the mission has remained the same: foster a community of saltwater anglers that share a similar passion for the ocean and the life that surrounds it. 

Now this ain’t your grandpa’s fishing brand. Our goal is to make the most exciting tackle and gear for the next generation of anglers and renegades. We aim to prepare you with everything you need to be successful on (and off) the water. 
Have questions about our gear or what to get it for your area? Feel free to shoot us a message anytime and we’ll be glad to help.

See you on the water!

Marty Gallipeau
El Capitan of Badfish